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 Just Cleaning provides domestic and commercial carpet cleaning.Just Cleaning carpet cleaning services will keep your carpet looking beautiful for years to come!

             You can trust that Just Cleaning will pay special attention to spots, heavy traffic areas pet stains and odor -all while using the treatment options that are best suited for your   carpets.

            Our cleaning service is effective, eficient and safe for you and your carpet. We are comitted to quality and our machines and products are safe for most carpets.Carpets cleaning starts by using a normal dry vacuum cleaner, we vacuum the area you want to clean to remove loose dirt before start to clean the carpet with the carpet cleaning machine.

    In just 30 minutes your carpet will turn into a new one.

                                        What is included ?

  • Vacuuming                                                                                                   
  • Pre-treating
  • Light furniture moving
  • Cleaning
  • Spot cleaning 
  • 30 days guarantee 
  • No hidden charges
  • Exact appointment times


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