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House Cleaning

When you work full time, the house cleaning chores can be hard for you to tackle. That's where Just Cleaning will quickly help you to keep the grime, dirt, dust and clutter away.Spend your time doing something other than cleaning your house. Submit a request for a custom house cleaning estimate, or give JustCleaning a call today.


We offer professional services for Carlow town and surrounding area,we will provide provide a quality cleaning service at affordable prices for anyone that needs a clean home.You can hire us for one time cleanings, weekly, biweekly, 3 weeks, monthly or just a special occasion cleaning.

Standard House Cleaning Checklist: 

LIVING AREAS & BEDROOMS:                                                                                           BATHROOMS

- All of your carpeting and rugs are vacuumed                       - Your bathtubs and tile walls are cleaned and disinfected
- Vacuum, mop and dry all hard floor surfaces                      - Shower, shower doors and walls are cleaned and disinfected
- All stairs are vacuumed                                                             - All mirrors are cleaned and shined
- Flat surface areas are dusted with a damp cloth                - The sinks and countertops are cleaned and disinfected
- We mop and dry wood floors                                                    - Hard floors are mopped and dried
- Your Marble is hand washed and dried                                  - Bathroom carpeting and rugs are vacuumed
- We tidy your room appearance                                                - Your toilet is clean and disinfected
- Dust all your furniture                                                                 - We wipe down outside your cabinets
- Your linens are changed if requested                                     - All cobwebs removed
- Your beds are made                                                                    - General dusting in all areas
- Cobwebs are removed
- Dusting is done in all areas      


- Your kitchen sinks are scrubbed, disinfected and shined
- All countertop appliances are cleaned
- Your refrigerator exterior is wiped down
- Kitchen countertops are cleaned and disinfected
- The outside of your cabinets and cabinet faces and doors are wiped down
- The exterior of large appliances are cleaned
- The inside and outside of your microwave is cleaned and disinfected
- Your table and chairs are cleaned
- Your carpet and rugs are vacuumed
- Your trash is emptied
- All cobwebs are removed
- Your walls are dusted

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